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My record collection is very varied.
It includes mostly rock music, from the 60's to present day.
The "Crown jewels", the records which are my favorite ones are the late 60's and early 70's Israeli rock records.

As I already mentioned in one of these pages, rock was a kind of an underground music back those days. The music that dominated the Israeli charts was more of Israeli folk (like "Hora").
And then, when things like Elvis, Rolling Stones, The Beatles and many others happened around the world, the influence arrived even the remote Israel.

It was a small influence but it was there. New & young groups started to play cover versions of their teen idols in dance clubs that was what the audience wanted to hear. Some dared to play original songs but those were the minority. Only a few made it to the studio recordings level and released a single. A fewer survived the second single not to mention a whole album.
In these pages, I take the opportunity to present some of these obscure records, though I'm sure that my review is not complete.
These records (LP's & 7"s) were released in very small quantities, a few hundreds to a thousand or two but no more than that. The more successful groups tried their luck in England & Europe too and gained some success.

"Fog" & lack of information are other problems. There's no "official" complete discographies where all the releases are listed.
In many cases, the artists themselves do not know what was released & where.
So once in a while I find an obscure single by an obscurer group which I never heard of their existence before (or I find an unknown release by a very litle known group).
The internet made information & documentation a lot easier and accessible.
Most of the available sources are in Hebrew and you can find some of them in my links.

Here's some more information on the Israeli top groups :



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