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Here are some links to great online sources that deal in different aspects of Israeli rock music.
Please note that most of these links are in Hebrew.
I know that there's plenty others that I could list here but these ones are the ones I recommend.
If you want me to include here a link to your website/blog, please contact me.

Stereo & Mono (Hebrew with Google translation)

Creme de la Creme of Israeli music blogs unearthing many of the rarest Israeli records. The owner of this blog should be awarded the Israel prize in culture for his cultural contribution.
Highly recommended!

Ugly Things #19 (English)

An interview with Michael Gabriellov from the Churchills

Mooma (Hebrew)

The encyclopedia of Israeli (and non Israeli) music.
This is the best research ever done about the history of music in Israel reviewing every musical act ever moved in the holyland.
The project was created by Yoav Kutner, a local legendary radio DJ who should be recommended for a national prize for this important project.

Qube (Hebrew)

A great music web site that includes some very interesting projects, among them:

    • Israeli Music Tree - documenting plenty of Israeli music groups from the 50's to present and showing the groups that every player in a selected group ever played in. Amazing project.
    • The Zionist Museum - A picture gallery of tour tickets for rock concerts that took place in Israel from the early 80's to present, a very nice collection.


    Ze Mistovev (Hebrew)

    A great blog focusing on Israeli rock/pop music early days.
    Great reserach work and sometimes there are links to great audio files.

    Haoneg (Hebrew)

    Another great website for music lovers.

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