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Uzi & The Styles


Uzi & The Styles were one of the top three Israeli 60's beat rock groups alongside the Churchill's & The Lions (aka Lions of Juda) and among the only 2 that actually released a full length album.


The group was formed in 1969 on the original line up of The Styles who were another successful group when they offered Uzi Fuches to join them.


They releaesed one 7" "I got starshine" (originally by Manfred Mann) and one EP (3 tracks)  "Morning train".

"Morning Train" was their most successful track and it was released as a 7" single in Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, The Neteherlands, Brazil, UK & USA (promo copies of the US release are quite common but finding a stock copy is quite hard).


Except of these 7"s, there's the group LP which is among the rarest Israeli rock LP's, recently reissued on a CD.


The Styles also playled 2 tracks on the legendary "Beat Festival" LP and released one 7" single which is also impossible to find now.




"Morning Train" International Releases Picture Gallery




Belgium 7"


Netherlands 7"


USA 7" (Stock)


UK 7"







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