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CD albums
Telling which CD's were pressed in Israel is a complicated task.
In general, CD's were pressed here until 1995. Then the record companies started to import CD's instead of pressing them here.
Importing CD's was common before 1995 but not as an industry policy (there's one or two labels that still press their CD's here today).
It is impossible to tell from the companies catalogues which CD's are imports and which ones were pressed here. Sometimes the label waits a while in order to see the market reaction for a specific CD and if it has good sales then it is pressed here.
On some other CD's it's not mentioned on the cover that the CD is pressed here, only on the CD itself so it's quite hard to judge by the cover (Nivana CD's for example).
Finding back catalogue Israeli pressing CD's might be not an easy mission at all. Getting the early Madonna (again) CD's which were all pressed here 20 years ago is not so easy. Of course you find Madonna CD's on the shops quite easily but all these are imports (mainly from Europe).
CD singles
Like 12" singles , these are very rarely pressed here and the shops offer imports. But there are always surprises.
In the end of 1998 a tiny label brought back to life the Israeli CD singles market (well, it wasn't too hard).
The lads who run the label called "Singaleh" decided to release 10 new CD singles every month (I know it might look funny but it's better than nothing).
Each month collection is compiled from Israeli and foreign singles (artists).
Every single is pressed in a limited edition of 1000-5000 copies, according to the forecasted demand. These singles weren't available through music shops, only in convinience stores in order to accustom the Israeli customer that music should be bought for fun, like you buy sweets or peanuts. After a month, all copies are collected back from the shops and changed in the new collection  at least this was the project managers' first statement. The true facts were that it took them more than a month to change to a new collection and they got stuck with stocks so after a short while they had to shut down the business.  
Anyway, these are true future rarities.
CD singles pressed in Singaleh by Aerosmith, Cardigans, Faithless, Lenny Kravitz, George Michael , Spice Girls & others (mainly Israeli or trance artists).

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