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About Israeli pressing records : Vinyl


In general, most of "main stream" LP's were pressed in Israel until the early 90's. Most LP's were pressed with identical covers to the UK pressings, sometime there was a Hebrew title or a sticker in Hebrew added on front.
LP's are (still) the format most easily found.
Because the second hand market for records in Israel is tiny, you might have a problem in finding a very common album from thr late 80's or early 90's.

In some cases, the record companies preferred to import the albums rather than press them here. This was common with albums that there was demand for them but it wasn't big enough to justify their pressing costs.

In the 60's some of Cream albums were imported and then an ink stamp  "Made in Haifa  Litratone" was stamped on label.
Punk records were imported in the 70's and heavy metal records were imported during the 80's. When demand grew for heavy metal records in the 80's, some of the records were pressed here and only the covers were imported.

In the early 90's the record companies stopped pressing LP's and the small (& diminishing) demand was supplied with imports, mainly from France, Genmany & The Netherlands.

One more very important aspect of the Israeli pressing LP's is the various artists compilations. Because singles weren't pressed (check the singles section for full details), and there was demand for hits, the record companies compiled all the hits to compilations. 
So if you're collecting Depeche Mode records for example, you can get Israeli pressings of most of their albums but no singles. You'll have to search for the singles on the many compilations which were pressed during the years.
Singles & EP's
7"  Records always were the most interesting format to most collectors due to their different covers.
Many singles & EP's were pressed here with unique covers, some with Hebrew title on cover too. Some singles & EP's were pressed with different B-sides (for singles) or tracks (for EP's).
Because of the small market size, most of the 7"s were pressed in small quantities  usually a few thousands, sometimes only a few hundreds. This is the reason why it's so hard to find Jimi Hendrix "Purple haze" EP or any of the Deep Purple/Who EP's.

In the mid 70's (around 1974) , the Israeli record labels stopped pressing singles. So if you're looking for Madonna singles, you can be (almost) sure that there weren't any pressed here. "Almost" is because there are always exceptions.
The Human's league "Being boiled" was pressed here, McCartney & Jackson "The girl is mine" duet (which was pressed on color vinyls) and there are probably a few others.
12" Maxi - singles

There weren't any 12" singles pressed here at all (almost, again)   once again with a few exceptions. Only a few were released and were available on the shops, a few others were pressed as promos but for these  see the promos section.


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